This guide explains what to do with any feedback you or a customer has on the product.

I need to report a bug

Follow the Bug Squashing Guidelines

Urgent bugs will be addressed asap. Lower priority bugs will be weighed against our existing priorities by the pods.

I have feedback that requires near-term action

Create a card in the AWDB, add it to a pod's Inbox, and ping the PM in the appropriate Slack channel.

The Inbox should be the first column in each pod's homepage. The PMs will review their pods' inboxes at least once a week and make sure everything gets added to the Backlog, slated in To Do, or moved to a different pod's inbox.

I have a thought, an idea, or notes from a customer

Submit it to productboard.

The PMs review productboard weekly to aggregate related insights into themes. This database of insights can be really helpful in the research and design phase of a new feature, so we'd encourage you to keep submitting as things come up.