We used a version of this doc internally to evaluate our product roadmap.

Core Beliefs

  1. Building one customer journey is the key to success
  2. The land and expand motion must be automated
  3. Asset management creates a durable wedge
  4. Workflow features create a compounding advantage


Customer Journey

Today we have one customer journey, and we plan to maintain that as we add two new product tiers over the next 12 months. These new tiers will allow us to increase the velocity of our self service flywheel (Free) and increase MRR organically with power users (Pro). We will continue to be opportunistic with our ability to up-sell enterprise level accounts, but we are not going to launch a dedicated enterprise tier until 2022.

Our current entry point into an organization is a junior member of the marketing or creative department (junior designer, brand marketing manager, content coordinator). Their first action is migrating content from Dropbox or Google Drive to Air. Our free tier will create end user value before this migration. The lighter ask will allow new customers to become active quicker and will allow our product to land with additional end users in sales, operations, and product.

Free **

Seats: 1-5

Price: $0/user/mo


Seats: 5-25

Price: $10/user/mo


Seats: 25-100

Price: $30/user/mo


Seats: 100+

Price: Custom