A bug is an error, flaw or fault in the Air experience. It can be in the web app, the marketing site, the blog, the mobile app, emails, or anywhere else Air exists. If it doesn't feel right and you aren't sure, call it a bug.

How to report a bug

  1. Go to the #on-call channel in Slack

    All bugs are filed in the #on-call channel, regardless of their severity. No exceptions.

  2. Choose a Severity Score

    Severity score helps us understand how to urgent the issue is and thus how to prioritize it.

  3. Describe the bug

    Explain where you saw the bug and the potential business impact. This context can help us triage it to the right team and get it resolved quickly.

  4. Add repro steps

    Repro steps are important for two reasons: they help ensure that the bug you're reporting is reproducible, and they make it easier for the engineer to diagnose the problem.

  5. @ mention channel if it's an S2 or above

The on-call team will make sure to have their notifications calibrated. If you believe your bug is an S2, @ mentioning the channel will make sure the right people are notified immediately.

What happens next?

After reporting your bug, your job is done. The on-call PM will keep you updated about the status of the fix in the Slack thread corresponding to your bug report.

Their process is outline here: Bug Squashing Guidelines

Example bug reports