Business Overview

Air is a workspace for your team’s images and videos. Migrate content from anywhere and watch it become instantly organized with auto-tagging and image search. Share, comment, collaborate, and manage projects end-to-end: Air is the whiteboard for your entire creative process.


Air has raised $6M from strategic investors including Lerer Hippeau, WndrCo, Advancit Capital, and Red Sea Ventures and has received strategic advising from industry veterans including ChenLi Wang, Todd Jackson, and Kyle Parrish. We have chosen to work remotely for the next 12 months, but the majority of us are based in Brooklyn, New York.

Diligence Process

The goal of this document is to provide additional detail about Air's current position and insight into our growth plan. It assumes the audience has an initial understanding of our business and is not intended for public use. Our motivation for this fundraise is to accelerate growth behind our product-market fit and repeatable sales process.


We think of our business in four pillars: product, growth, engagement, and operations. These sections are interrelated, and we approach each with a test-and-iterate philosophy.

  1. Product: How are product features prioritized?

    Guidance from the current product roadmap and a window into the strategic plan that will shape the next 1, 3, and 5 years at Air.

  2. Growth: How are users discovering and adopting the product?

    Analysis around our customer acquisition and onboarding funnel.

  3. Engagement: How engaged are users today?

    Metrics that provide a picture of the user journey and account health.

  4. Operations: How would additional capital be used?

    Overview of current expenses and operating model for 2020-2021 as well as latest thinking on upcoming raise.

1. Product

Air is a whiteboard for the creative process. While this vision is vast, we believe our durable position in asset management allows us to build towards category ownership. If all of your visual data lives on Air, then how you create, collect, collaborate, and present this data can also happen on Air over time. Our aim is for the product to support 100% of the creative process. We will focus on breadth over depth, offering a single platform for users who are tired of managing their work across a number of disparate, single-purpose tools.

The pillars of the creative process are currently housed in systems that don't integrate.

The pillars of the creative process are currently housed in systems that don't integrate.